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Welcome to the
Glendale Burbank Republican Assembly

Glendale Burbank Republican Assembly is one of the oldest and most prestigious units of the CRA.

We were chartered by the Californian Republican Assembly in 1936, we have held our regular monthly meetings ever since and we are still one of the oldest and most active units in the CRA.

Our current President Elliott Graham is also active at the state level as a CRA Vice President, our 3rd Vice President Angie Heustis is also our CRA Senate District Director for the 21st Senatorial District and most of the local Republican candidates are also GBRA members including members of the 43rd A.D. Republican Central Committee.

Successfully Electing Republicans

We have been successful in electing Republican candidates to public office for over sixty years. Our only loss came in 96 when we lost our assembly seat by only 192 votes.

Obvious success stories include the Honorable Carlos Moorhead, former U.S. Representative who was our past GBRA President and he and our present U.S. Representative, the Honorable James E. Rogan are current members of the G.B.R.A.

Some of our other distinguished members include the Honorable Mike Antonovich, Los Angeles County Supervisor, the Honorable Larry Zarian, former Mayor of Glendale and members of the Glendale City Council, the Glendale Board of Education and former CRA State President Everette Rodan.

For More Information

For more information, please contact Elliott Graham at (818)247-5147, or e-mail us at eligram@mci2000.com

Thanks again, Lawrence Missakian GBRA WebMaster

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