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Membership Application.

Please fill out this CRA Membership Form.
Membership Application for The CRA in Los Angeles County.

By applying, I certify I'm a registered Republican, have read & agree with the beliefs, principles & objectives of the CRA. Now, take the Pledge !

1. Your Inalienable Rights

2. A Judeo-Christian Foundation

3. A Self-Government

4. A Decentralized Government

5. The Sanctity of Life

6. Pro-Family

7. Choice of Education

8. Free Enterprise

9. Decreasing Taxes

10. National Defence

11. Right to Bear Arms

12. Victims Rights

13. Term Limits

14. National Sovereignty

If no other local CRA Unit information is listed,
Please send to:

CRA Membership
9 Park Vista
Irvine, CA. 92604

We've had visits.

Know more About the CRA and What Membership in the CRA means for You.
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: Name of Spouse
: Family Members
: Address
: City : Zip
: County : State
: Phone #
: Fax #
: E-Mail
: HomePage

How did you hear about the CRA?

Name of Sponsoring CRA Member, if applicable.

- Yes I do wish to be a Proud Member of the CRA.
- Please contact me at this time.

Type of membership desired:
- Regular Membership @ $25.00 first year.
- Couple Membership @ $40.00 first year.
- Additional Household Memberships @ $15.00 first year.
- Student Memberships @ $25.00 first year.

Please submit any comments you have here .

Thank You for taking the time to fill out this form.
Someone from our membership committee will contact you within the next few days.

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